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X TAB-4/4@$space---1@
*** Do not edit TAB source unless you what you are doing! You can long press or right click to select all and copy to share the source as text.
By: Guitar Monster
x Dead note g Grace note (n) Ghost note h Hammer-on p Pull-off r Release > Accented note t Tapping b Bend arp arpeggiate bf Bend full bh Bend halp br Bend release pb Pre-bend
pbr Pre-bend release / Slide up \ Slide down ~ Vibrato s Slap P Pop PM Palm mute TR Trill W Tremolo ^ pick down v pick up
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Problem Guitar TAB on the internet has a long history of legal issues surrounding it.

Solution The main goal of Guitar.Monster's TAB app is allow people to freely create, view and share TAB sources for educational and creative purposes.

The actual TABs are not shared. What is shared is a special plain text format called GuitarTabScript.

Guitar.Monster TABs App is a GuitarTabScript editor and viewer.

GuitarTabScript outputs the TAB to the screen when viewed in the app.

The intent is not to promote copyright infringement but rather shift liability from hosts to tab creators.

The GuitarTabScript is not TAB and therefore can be hosted anywhere!

The Internet acts as a distributed database for GuitarTabScript (not TAB).


  • Text based TAB source for easy internet sharing with anyone.
  • Upload or paste saved TABS to view or edit.
  • Chord builder or single fret options.
  • Mobile friendly across devices.
  • Optional time signature / duration or Infinity/bar-less options.
  • Toggle on/off suggested note duration symbols.
  • Lyrics and custom user readable messages, staff notes fret tagging system.
  • Custom chord symbols.
  • Full Screen mode for larger screens.
  • Tons of standard TAB symbols and more.