So you need a little help writing guitar TAB eh?

This is the official help file for our Guitar TAB editor

Some history and why bother?

Problem Guitar TAB on the internet has a long history of legal issues surrounding it.

Solution The main goal of Guitar.Monster's TAB app is allow people to freely create, view and share TAB sources for educational and creative purposes.

The actual TABs are not shared. What is shared is a special plain text format called GuitarTabScript.

Guitar.Monster TABs App is a GuitarTabScript editor and viewer.

GuitarTabScript outputs the TAB to the screen when viewed in the app.

The intent is not to promote copyright infringement but rather shift liability from hosts to tab creators.

The GuitarTabScript is not TAB and therefore can be hosted anywhere!

The Internet acts as a distributed database for GuitarTabScript (not TAB). TAB editor How To / help

Hopefully the user interface is self explanatory, However there are some minor ins and outs / quirks you should know about. That is what this article is for!

Editing TABs

Editing TABs in Edit mode

Using a variety of drop downs and buttons you can insert combinations of string and fret numbers for single fret chord (when in chord mode) placements.

After selecting your desired placement Click or tap the plus Add Fret   button.

You can insert between two frets by first selecting one in the tab (by clicking on it) then clicking the Add After Selected   toggle.

* Note the Add After Selected option does not work for for bend full, bend half and slur / tie symbols. If you want a note with a bend symbol above it or a slur/tie below it, you have to first add your fret then click one of those symbol buttons.

Legend symbols do appear at the same time the fret does if you have one selected at the time you click the Add Fret button.

Uploading and pasting TABs to view or edit

If you have a TAB from somewhere else on the Internet in the form of GuitarTabscript copied to your clipboard, click the Paste   button and paste into the pop up dialog that appears.

Similarly, If you have a saved TAB file someone gave you or that you created yourself, upload it by pressing the Upload   button.

Editing TABs via the source editor a.k.a the GuitarTabScript

It is not recommended that you edit the GuitarTabScript directly. However there may be times when it is necessary like if it becomes corrupted.

Open settings by pressing the Settings   button then click on TAB source editor   toggle.

It's a good idea to look at the format of the TAB source so you what to look for when somethig goes wrong.

Notice that every line of the GuitarTabscript ends with a " @ "

If that is ever missing from a line you will have weird results on the screen.

In future updates to this article I will go more in depth on how to write GuitarTabScript by hand. However you can figure out the basics by looking closely at it while inserting new frets.

Saving TABs

To save a TAB click the Save   button to save as a file. The save named can be customized in settings and choosing song name.

You can also slect and copy the GuitarTabScript from the TAB source editor and paste it anywhere you want to save it there.

Sharing TABs

Share the GuitarTabScript text anywhere you would normally share text - forums, social media, email etc.

You can also upload the resulting saved TAB files anywhere you normally would be able to share files.

This help file is currently be updated. Hang tight! More here soon!